Surprise Snow, Go Figure

datePosted on 11:09, January 28th, 2010 by Small Town Mommy

Today the Small Town had a surprise snow storm.  Let me make clear that the Small Town doesn’t handle surprise anything very well.  So the snow was no different.  I say surprise storm because the weather man said we might have a few snow squalls, but no accumulation.  In my next life, I want to come back as a weatherman.  What other career allows you to be consistently wrong without any consequences?  Imagine of your child’s teacher consistently taught your kids things like 2+2=5.  You would be up in arms.  But if the weatherman is wrong, he just says, “Well, it came out of nowhere, we didn’t expect it.” and it is all good.

Since the storm wasn’t expected, the kids had school.  Apparently the Small Town can’t cancel school without a week long warning about an impending storm.  Joanna’s bus was 25 minutes late.  Fortunately, a neighbor took her to school (although it took the poor woman an hour so I probably owe her my first born).

Libby’s bus showed up 10 minutes after school started.  Although she got off easy.  There were some kids who didn’t get to school until 11 am (school starts at 9).  Since it has continued snowing, I would guess that the ride home is going to be just as peachy.

I know you are thinking that if I was a good mother, I would pick up my children at school (maybe your not thinking that, maybe that is just the Small Town mentality).  But picking them up at school would not be good for anyone.  I drive a Scion.  While it is a fabulous car, it panics in the snow and stops itself by sliding into the nearest tree.  The girls are safer on the bus.

So, do you have snow (this is an engraved invitation to all of you from Florida to taunt me endlessly)?  How does your town or city react to surprise weather?

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