Should I Spray Water All Over the Bathroom?

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Looking back over previous Small Town Mommy posts, I noticed that I spend a lot of time talking about the dentist.  I am not having an affair with the dentist (trust me, he isn’t my type, ewwwww), but I do enjoy dental hygiene and I love tooth brushes.  My dentist gives out free toothbrushes when I go to visit.  Sorry, I got distracted by the thought of free toothbrushes.  Anyway, that is why I was so excited when the WaterPik people contacted me about reviewing their Dental Water Jet.

I remember when I was little, my parents had a WaterPik.  I wasn’t allowed to touch it.  I think that is because you can use it to spray water all over the room.  How cool would that be?  Now that I am all grown up, there is no one to keep me from using my WaterPik to spray water all over the room (do you suppose I can pass that off as cleaning).

As far as I can tell (without actually reading any of the promotional material), you can use the WaterPik instead of flossing.  Now I hate to floss (even though I love dental hygiene).  I am way too lazy busy to have time to floss every day (I can’t even think about every meal).  Anyway, I was excited about the idea of not having to floss.  Have you noticed there is something disgusting about having to stick your fingers in your mouth and shove little pieces of string between your teeth?  Make sure you wash your hands first.  Really, really well.

So anyway, I was excited to try the new Dental Jet (especially since they were sending it to me so I didn’t have to pay for it or even go pick it up anywhere).  When it arrived, I tore into the box.  And discovered it comes with all kinds of accessories.  My parents’ WaterPik didn’t have all these pieces/parts.  Have I mentioned that I love accessories?  The more the better.  The WaterPik came with a number of attachments.  The first one I recognized was the one my parents had when I was growing up.  It is a little tube to shoot water.  It came with a spare one that I could share with Small Town Daddy, but I wont.  I’m greedy like that.  The current WaterPik also comes with a brush so you can brush your teeth at the same time (it required too much coordination for me).  It also has something that looks like it might be useful for cleaning your tongue.  Since I refuse to read the instruction manual am not sure how that works, I haven’t tried it.

You are probably wondering how I felt about the WaterPik.  I liked it.  It isn’t less work than flossing since it has to be set up (and I enjoy using mouthwash with it which is an extra step).  While it is not less work, I do like the fact that once you start, you can just keep going.  I do tend to lose my mojo when I have to replace a piece of floss, I am just as likely to quit as to make the effort to grab a second piece of floss (yes, I really am that lazy busy).  Also, I enjoy it.  As long as I don’t spray water all over the place.

I especially liked the minty fresh feeling of using the mouthwash.  I don’t usually like mouthwash, but diluting it with water makes it much better.  I do recommend using warm water with the WaterPik.  Cold water made my teeth hurt.  I ignored the additional attachments and stuck with the traditional.  Brushing with the WaterPik required too much coordination for me.  Something about trying to do 2 things at the same time got me all confused.  Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys dental hygiene (although not the effort that goes with it).  It does seem to make clean teeth a little bit easier.  If you get one, let me know if you are able to figure out how to brush your teeth with it.

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Pricilla on January 14th, 2010 at 2:00 pm
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You crack me up.
I chew on hay to keep my teeth clean. Did you know that goats only have teeth on the bottom? We have a hard palate on top for grinding our food.
You have been goatucated