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Back to School with Pillsbury and Free Stuff

datePosted on 11:48, September 19th, 2009 by Small Town Mommy

Welcome to the Small Town Mommy review and giveaway blog.  This is where you can read about the latest and greatest that I have been trying, using, enjoying or hating.  A lot of the time, I will be able to share stuff with you so you can try it, use it, enjoy it or hate it too (OK, I wont actually share anything I hate, that would just suck).

Our first giveaway is from Pillsbury.  If you read Small Town Mommy Gay Movies you know that I was extremely excited about everyone going back to school.  It was a really long summer and the bickering was driving me right over the edge.  Pillsbury is as excited as me about back to school.  If you know Pillsbury, you know that it rocks!  Here in the Small Town household, we use its crescent rolls, cinnamon rolls, and other baking good all the time (many people have asked me if their refrigerator crust is homemade).

Pillsbury also offers Box Tops for Education.  If you have children in school, I am sure that your PTA has hounded you relentlessly about them you have heard of them.  Box Tops for Education provides free money for schools.  To participate, all you have to do is buy stuff you would buy anyway.  Once you have bought your stuff, cut out the little Box Tops for Education symbol and send it into school with your kids.  Your school will collect the Box Tops and send them into General Mills.  Each Box Top is worth 10 cents.   General Mills then sends the school a check.  The Small Town school earned more than $1000 last year.

I love the Boxtops program (although I am not as diligent with cutting them out as I used to be when Libby was in kindergarten and I sent hundreds of Boxtops into the school.  How can you look down on free money?  Since the program is for schools, the money is used to benefit your kids.  Even homeschool associations can participate.

Pillsbury is offering parents a chance to win 5000 bonus Box Tops for your child’s school (I already entered).  If you don’t have kids in school, feel free to enter to win bonus Box Tops for Joanna’s school (the middle school doesn’t collect them, believe me, I will find out why at the next PTA meeting (as long as I don’t have to be in charge of it).  Along with winning 5000 Box Tops, you can win free Totino’s pizza rolls and free Toaster Strudel.  We tried them out and my kids loved the Toaster Strudel (the Small Town Ladies recommend raspberry flavor).  The prize package also includes a selection of school supplies (the Small Town Ladies have appropriated all of those).

In fact, I like you so much, that I want to offer you a chance to win a Top This prize pack including free school supplies and a free package of Totino’s Pizza Rolls and free Toaster Strudel from Small Town Mommy (the 5000 Box Tops is beyond my financial resources).  This giveaway is only open to readers of Small Town Mommy and Small Town Mommy Reviews (so the odds are even better than the Pillsbury Giveaway (you can enter both).  The Top This prize package will include a selection of school supplies from Avery (all of which include Box Tops for Education), a coupon for a free package of Totino’s Pizza Rolls, a coupon for a free package of Toaster Strudel (to provide complete transparency, my coupon did not have a high enough value to cover the cost of the Toaster Strudel, I had to kick in about 30 cents) and a certificate worth 10 Box Tops (altogether, 24 Box Tops, giving you $2.40 for your school. For doing nothing).

There are a couple of ways to enter…

Leave me a comment below.  Let me know what is your favorite part about the Back-to-School season (mine is the alone time).  If you don’t have school-age children and have no favorite part, let me know your least favorite part (mine would be getting caught behind a school bus that stops every 25 feet).

Follow me on Twitter:  Leave me another comment below, letting me know that you are following me (if you are already following me, that counts).

Blog about this giveaway (worth 5 entries).  Leave me an additional comment below, letting me know that you have blogged about the giveaway and linked to it.

So start entering.  The Giveaway will be open until Tuesday, September 22 at 11:59 PM EST.  It is only open to residents of the U.S.  I will email the winner on Wednesday, September 23.  This giveaway was brought to you by Small Town Mommy, Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark.

Logitech welcome to the ‘New Office’, Office Diva

datePosted on 23:13, March 5th, 2009 by Small Town Mommy

Welcome to the ‘New Office’ where Logitech has tools designed for the office, mobile, home, open or ‘anywhere’ workplace. Keyboards, webcams, mice, speakers, iPad accessories and more.

More info at

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Experience the magic of your iPad® wherever you are with Logitech® Tablet Accessories. Explore the full magical possibilities of your iPad, with Logitech.

Find out more about our entire range of iPad Accessories:

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